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n Butyramide

  • N-Butyramide CAS 541-35-5;Butanamide; Butyramide;Busyramide

    Contact NowN-Butyramide CAS 541-35-5;Butanamide; Butyramide;BusyramideJinan Great Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of n-Butyramide in China.If you want to buy high quality n-Butyramide at reasonable price,please don’t hesitate to contact sale001@chemgreat.com.Read More

  • furfurylamine, Cas No 617-89-0

    Contact Nowfurfurylamine, Cas No 617-89-0Furfurylamine, colorless oily liquid. It is an important organic synthesis intermediates and chemical products, and furfurylamine and its derivatives are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.We are a professional furfurylamine mannufacturer and supplier in China.It is our advantage product. If you are in need of furfurylamine, please mail to wendy@chemgreat.com.Read More

  • Acetamide CAS No 60-35-5;Ethanamide

    Contact NowAcetamide CAS No 60-35-5;EthanamideAcetamide CAS 60-35-5 is mainly used as organic solvents,also used as plasticizer and peroxide stabilizer, cosmetics for antacids, also for the preparation of sleeping pills, pesticides, etc. If you are interested in our acetamide, please feel free to contact us directly by email:...Read More

  • Phenyl Sulfone CAS No 127-63-9;Diphenylsulfone

    Contact NowPhenyl Sulfone CAS No 127-63-9;DiphenylsulfonePhenyl sulfone CAS 127-63-9 is pharmaceutical ,pesticide intermediates.If you are in need of Phenyl sulfone,don’t hesitate to contact sales001@chemgreat.com. We guarantee to supply high quality Phenyl sulfone with competitive price.Read More

  • Isobutyramide CAS 563-83-7;2-Methylpropionamide

    Contact NowIsobutyramide CAS 563-83-7;2-MethylpropionamideAre you looking for top quality Isobutyramide?We are a professional Isobutyramide manufacturer and supplier in China. We guarantee to supply high quality Isobutyramide with competitive price.For more information,please feel free to contact sale001@chemgreat.com.Read More