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  • Methacrylic Acid CAS 79-41-4;2-Methylpropenoic Acid

    Contact NowMethacrylic Acid CAS 79-41-4;2-Methylpropenoic AcidMethacrylic acid CAS 79-41-4 is colorless transparent liquid at room temperature.Jinan Great Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Methacrylic acid. We guarantee to supply high quality Methacrylic acid with reasonable price.If you need to buy Methacrylic...Read More

  • Cuprous Chloride CAS 7758-89-6;75763-85-8;Copperchloridelightgraypowder

    Contact NowCuprous Chloride CAS 7758-89-6;75763-85-8;CopperchloridelightgraypowderCuprous chloride CAS 7758-89-6 is white cubic crystal or white powder.If you are in need of Cuprous chloride, Jinan Great Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is your good option. We have been specializing in manufacturing and supplying Cuprous chloride for many years. For more information about Cuprous...Read More

  • Cyclohexene CAS 110-83-8

    Contact NowCyclohexene CAS 110-83-8Cyclohexene CAS 110-83-8 is colorless flammable liquid.If you are looking for high quality Cyclohexene at reasonable price,Jinan Great Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is your good option.If you want to know more information,please feel free to contact sale001@chemgreat.com.Read More