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cas 75 05 8

  • 5-Bromoindole CAS 10075-50-0;5-Bromo-1H-indole

    Contact Now5-Bromoindole CAS 10075-50-0;5-Bromo-1H-indole5-Bromoindole CAS 10075-50-0 is white crysals, and it is used as pharmaceutical intermediates. We have been in manufacturing and supplying 5-Bromoindole for many years. If you feel interested in 5-Bromoindole,don’t hesitate to contact sale001@chemgreat.com.Read More

  • Glyoxal CAS 107-22-2;Glyoxal Solution;Ethanedial

    Contact NowGlyoxal CAS 107-22-2;Glyoxal Solution;EthanedialGlyoxal CAS107-22-2 is colorless or pale yellow prismatic crystals or liquid, and is used as pharmaceutical intermediates, fabric finishing agents, dyes and dye intermediates. If you are in need of Glyoxal, Jinan Great Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd is your good option.We guarantee to supply high...Read More

  • Disulfiram, CAS 97-77-8

    Contact NowDisulfiram, CAS 97-77-8Disulfiram is light yellow crystalline powder, using as natural rubber, butadiene rubber,butadiene rubber, butyl ruber, shunding rubber and latex superpromoter and vulcanization agent. Jinan Great Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd. is a professional Disulfiram supplier in China. If you feel interested in our product Disulfiram, please don’t hesitate to contact sale001@chemgreat.com .Read More