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The Global Shortage Of Supplies Has Led To A Surge In Styrene Prices In Asia
Sep 08, 2017

According to Platts energy September 6th Singapore reported that market news sources said on Tuesday, in the global supply tight and strong downstream demand support, Asian styrene prices have been hovering at six months high.

Asian styrene prices were assessed at $1449 per tonne on Tuesday, CFR China and $1422 per tonne, FOB Korea, down $16 per tonne on Monday, but still at its highest level in 6 months.

Standard & Poor's global Platts energy statistics show that the price of styrene in Asia was assessed higher in February 20th, at $1453.5 per tonne, CFR China and $1429.50 per tonne, FOB korea.

Market news sources said the price of styrene in Asia rose by $119 a tonne on Tuesday, as domestic stocks in eastern China were low and domestic inventories were further strained.