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The Basic Information Of Benzylamine
Mar 26, 2018

Chinese name: Benzylamine Synonyms in Chinese:Benzylamine; benzylamine; hydrazine-aminotoluene; English name:Benzylamine Synonyms in English: TISSUEPREP EMBEDDING MEDIA; RARECHEM AL BW 0006; PHENYLMETHYLAMINE; N-BENZYLAMINE; (aminomethyl)benzene; (phenylmethyl)amine[qr]; Alpha-aminotoluene[qr]; Aminotoluene CAS number:100-46-9 Formula:C7H9N Molecular weight:107.15 EINECS number:202-854-1 Related categories:Pesticide Intermediates; Other Insecticides; Insecticide Intermediates; Pharmaceutical Intermediates; Benzylamine properties Melting point :-30 °C Boiling point:184-185 °C (lit.) Density :0.981 g/mL at 25 °C (lit.) Refractive index :N20/D 1.543 (lit.) Flash point :140 °F Water solubility :Soluble Sensitivity:Air Sensitive Chemical Properties : Benzylamine is a colorless, oily liquid that is alkaline and is left standing in the air to precipitate white crystals, b.p.185°C (90°C/1.6kpa), n50D 1.5430, relative density 0.981, miscible with water, alcohol, and ether. Security Information Dangerous goods mark:C Hazard category code:21/22-34 safety instructions:26-36/37/39-45 Dangerous goods transportation number:UN 2735 8/PG 2 WGK Germany:1 RTECS:DP1488500 HazardClass:8 PackingGroup:II