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Method For Storage Of Propargyl Alcohol
Oct 09, 2017

1. Propargyl alcohol is stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Away from fire, heat. The temperature should not exceed 30 ℃. Keep the container sealed. Should be with the oxidants, acids, alkaloids, edible chemicals stored separately, avoid mixed storage. Not a lot of storage or long storage. Explosion-proof lighting, ventilation. Prohibit the use of mechanical equipment and tools that are prone to sparks. Storage area should be equipped with leakage emergency treatment equipment and suitable storage materials. We should strictly implement the "five pairs" management system of extremely toxic items.

2. Due to the low flash point of propargyl alcohol, and in the presence of impurities can occur in a violent reaction, should pay special attention to safety. Short-term storage and transportation, available clean stainless steel containers. Long-term storage is appropriate to use stainless steel, glass or phenolic resin lining containers, and should avoid the use of aluminum and other materials. According to the provisions of storage of flammable chemicals.