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Inorganic Salt Industry Development Lock Three New
Sep 01, 2017

August 29, in the 37th China inorganic acid and salt technology and technology exchange conference and 2017 China inorganic chemical energy conservation theme annual meeting, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Vice President Fu Xiangsheng pointed out that the inorganic salt industry product structure adjustment. The main idea is to highlight the "three new", that is, facing the new areas, concerned about the new requirements, expand new uses.

Fu Xiangsheng pointed out that the current capacity of bulk inorganic salt products in the excess state, the total capacity utilization rate of about 73%, some products operating rate of less than 60%, the industry fine rate of less than 40%; number of enterprises, the average size of small " Produce a large amount of governance difficult. Therefore, the inorganic salt industry product structure adjustment of the main ideas should highlight the "three new":

One for new areas. Mainly strategic emerging areas and national key projects, such as high-end manufacturing of electrical and electronic fields, new energy fields, key projects such as rail transportation, automotive lightweight and so on.

Second, concerned about the new requirements. Mainly the green development of the new requirements, the new "Environmental Protection Law" will be implemented on January 1 next year, when the environmental tax will be formally levied, air pollutants, water pollutants will be equivalent to tax, solid waste points different Taxation by ton, this is the inorganic chemical industry can not avoid the sustainable development of the problem. In addition, the environmental inspector of the inorganic chemical products production also put forward more stringent requirements.

Third, the development of new uses. Inorganic chemical industry to develop new products, the probability is not large, but the existing product performance, enhance the function and improve the production process optimization and technological progress, there are still a lot of room for innovation, the new use of new products is to expand the industry innovation Realistic choice.

Petrochemical Federation Deputy Secretary-General Hu Qianlin that the development of inorganic salt industry depends on mineral resources, so the industry must adhere to the green development of circular economy ideas. At present, new industries such as new energy industries have huge demand for high-performance inorganic salt products. The industry should seize the opportunity to improve the precision rate of the industry, vigorously develop new products and expand the new use of products to meet the needs of emerging areas.