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Four Types Of Biological Pesticides
Jun 22, 2017

Phytopathogenic pesticides are one of the first choice for green biological pesticides by virtue of their advantages in the natural environment. They are mainly plant insecticides, plant fungicides, plant herbicides and plant photoactivated molds. The Nature has been found to have pesticide activity of plant-derived pesticides are Bo fall back to the insecticide sterilization series, pyrethrin, nicotine and rotenone and so on.

Animal source pesticides mainly include animal toxins, such as spider toxins, hornet toxins, naproxen and so on. Insect insects are widely used in the United States, Britain, France, Russia, Japan and India, and there are more than 40 kinds of insect insecticide registration, production and application in the world.

Microbial sources Pesticides are the use of micro-organisms or their metabolites as a biological agent for the prevention and control of agricultural harmful substances. Among them, Suyun bacteria are Bacillus bacteria, is the world's most widely used, the longest development time, the largest output, the application of the most successful biological pesticides; insect fungi fungal fungi are fungi, the control of Dendrolimus and rice black tail Leaf disease has special effects; according to the chemical structure of fungal pesticide Xanthoxylum biosynthetic synthesis of pesticides Bataan or kill Dan and other varieties, has been widely used in the actual production.