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Fipronil For Instructions
Nov 16, 2017

Fipronil main control objects include aphids, leafhoppers, lepidopteran larvae, flies and coleoptera and other pests.

Fipronil Insecticidal broad spectrum, with contact kill, stomach poisoning and moderate systemic action. Both to control underground pests, but also control pests on the ground. Can be used for stem and leaf treatment and soil treatment, but also for seed treatment. 25 ~ 50g active ingredient / hectare foliar spray, can effectively control potato leaf beetle, diamondback moth, pink diamondback moth and so on. The use of 50-100g of active ingredient per hectare in paddy field can prevent and control pests such as stem borer and brown planthopper well. 6 ~ 15g active ingredient per hectare foliar spray, can control prairie locusts and Desert Locust pests. 100 ~ 150g active ingredient / ha applied to the soil, can effectively control corn rootworm, pinworm and to the tiger. 250 ~ 650g active ingredient / 100 kg seed treatment of corn seeds, can effectively control corn and worm.