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Environmental Storms Gave Birth To A New Round Of Price Tide
Aug 22, 2017

The fourth batch of central environmental protection inspections in early August has been fully launched. By the beginning of September, the central level of environmental protection supervision will be completed on the 31 provinces of the full coverage. "With the central environmental supervision to increase the intensity of the provinces and the recent introduction of the heating season, environmental protection and environmental protection projects and air pollution remediation special action, the chemical industry supply side of the contraction effect began to show, the birth of related pesticides, coking and other chemical products a new round Price tide. "August 17, market analysts said in an interview.

Environmental storms also benefit basic chemical products. Reporters learned from the market line, the arrival of environmental protection storms so that many basic chemical products enterprises cut production, limited production, the end of the basic chemical products down trend, the market began to turn up. 

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