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Advantages Of Biological Pesticides
Jun 22, 2017

Selective strong, safe for humans and animals

Market development and a wide range of successful application of biological pesticide products, they only have a role in pests and diseases, generally on people, livestock and a variety of beneficial organisms (including animal enemies, insect natural enemies, bees, pollinated insects and fish, shrimp and other aquatic organisms) Safety, the impact of non-target organisms is relatively small.

The impact on the ecological environment

Biological pesticides control the role of pests, mainly the use of certain special microorganisms or microbial metabolites have insecticidal, disease prevention, promoting function. Its effective active ingredients are completely present and derived from the natural ecosystem, its biggest feature is easy to be sunlight, plants or a variety of soil microbial decomposition, is a natural, natural return to the normal way of material circulation. Therefore, they can be considered that they are safe and free of natural ecological environment.

Induced pests

Some biological pesticide varieties (insect pathogenic fungi, insect viruses, insect microsporidia, insect pathogens, etc.), with the level of pests in the population or by the ability of vertical transmission of eggs, under certain conditions in the wild, with colonization, proliferation And the ability to develop popular. Not only for the contemporary pests to play a controlling role, but also for the next generation or the next year to play a certain inhibition of harmful species, has a significant effect.

Agricultural and sideline products can be used for production and processing

At present, domestic production and processing of biological pesticides, the main use of natural renewable resources (such as agricultural and sideline products of corn, soybean meal, fish meal, wheat bran or some plant, etc.), raw materials, a wide range of sources, production costs are relatively low. Therefore, the production of biological pesticides generally do not produce raw materials that compete with the use of non-renewable resources (such as oil, coal, natural gas, etc.) to produce chemical synthesis products.